July 16, 2017

Mina Budworth

Mina is a 17 year old singer songwriter from Beverley. Raised in a rural countryside farm, there was little exposure to music and performance, however she often toured the ‘folk’ music scene through festivals with her parents. Mina is very young to the music scene, but is gaining knowledge, experience and credit as she plays with the Westwood sessions. Her covers and original songs are melodic, heart-felt and soothing, and inspired by her experiences and musical influences. Her acoustic set lists are a delightful collection of covers, written by a variety of ‘up-and- coming’ artists, including the likes of Shannon Saunders and Daughter. Her live performance with guitar has been described as ‘serene’ and ‘perfect’, and it has captivated audiences. She also performs with piano, and has a greatly praised Youtube channel, documenting her progress and cover choices.’

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