July 18, 2017

Railroad Hobos

The Railroad Hobos are one of the longest established bands in Scarborough, and are led by seasoned local musician Vince Townsend. Although branded primarily as an Americana group, The Hobos have an adaptable repertoire that includes country, Irish, rock and roll, Folk and a little bit of 70’s pop!

The band has travelled through many incarnations over the years, first as ‘The Worried Men’, followed by ‘Railroad Bill’, and now as The Railroad Hobos. The line-up has also changed incrementally from its inception over 15 years ago, except Vince of course, with current members being: Vince Townsend (Lead vocals and rhythm guitar), John Hesp (Lead Guitar, Mandolin and vocals), Al Lawrence (Harmonica and vocals), Rich Hodgeson (Bass) and Liz Round (Cajon and vocals). This group of personnel has remained unchanged for over 5 years, a testament to how good a blend it is musically and personally.

Although the group dabbled for a few years in the national country circuit, they prefer a less ‘road-heavy’ calling now, and generally just play at summer shows and festivals around Yorkshire, and a few country pubs throughout the year.

 The Railroad Hobos are an excellent show band. Upbeat, fun and sing-along-out-loud, they generate an irresistible atmosphere wherever they perform, and are best appreciated outdoors among the crowd.


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