August 1, 2017

Ante Inferno

The coast bears the storms as well as the sunshine and from the gathering gloom springs Ante-Inferno. In their own words: “A grim hybrid of black and death metal, born of the frost-bitten shores of North Yorkshire, where cold winds blow without relent. Each song, a hymn of the blackest sort – an incantation – words held in exaltation of that which is unseen, but felt – that which follows you along lonely paths at night, and haunts you in your dreams. In the Ante-Inferno, there is no hope of ascension; may you fan the flames of Hell forever, with your cries of undying lament.”

As reviewed from their powerful gig at Scarborough Brewery last year: “Ante Inferno – Quality (black metal) from Scarborough with lashings of second wave worship. Modern ferocity and atmosphere with old school attitude! Blew me away!”

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