August 1, 2018


Having come from a music loving family it’s all come back round full circle in recent years for Jaime Ruff, AKA Smokin-J. Jay has a deep appreciation of different genres within the music scene, a wide spectrum of tastes and a healthy selection of all school grooves from current to classic. Some would say a record magpie, an ear always listening out for something special. His broad collection is highlighted in his sets nowadays, as you may find a disco number next to a African folk tune, a Cumbian rhythm mixed with a Latin house track, the journey is always evident as is his connection to the audience.

As keen a dancer as DJ he knows what stirs emotions as much as that freaking out on the dance floor, or field for that matter. Among various promotional and music projects Jay manages Secret Sub Rosa who have shot into the festival world in the last few years to critical acclaim. With a very well curated story concept, visual delivery and incredible music, backed up by an old school ‘atmosphere is everything’ principle and amazing crew, Jay is helping lead this community upward and forward. With support from headliners such as Freear and the Dub Pistols this last year SSR is a stage show and dance arena to watch.

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