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“The best the band ever sounded” BBC6 RADIO
VI shows a confidence and a power never heard before. The technicality and maturity of the band have finally shaken away the coat of ‘goth’ and have embraced a beautiful, dark, mature and complex sound that leaves your breathless” THE REVIEW
“Maethelyiah’s vocals have haunting and exotic qualities which are backed solidly by the heavy razorwire guitar chords and driving drum beats on all 10 of the new tracks of VI. Truly a dark treat for the ears” THE HERALD
“Retaining Maethelyiah’s dreamy vocals as its focal point, ‘VI’ inevitably sounds closer to the Society we’ve known since the 2011 reunion, with the title seemingly chosen to underscore a sense of its continuity (it’s their 6th release). VIVE LE ROCK
A glimpse into a dark group imagination. The power to come across and really kick you in the chest. YORKSHIRE COAST GIGS
Recalls me Siouxsie & The Banshees of the “Hyena” period mixed with the Killing Joke of songs like ‘Money Is Not Our God’… yeah, that good”. NOISE BRIGADE
VI boasts a beautiful collection of strong songs. The Danse Society play to approach pop without ever yielding to it, to capture a sense of melody to inject a dose of sharp intensity” GUTS OF DARKNESS
VI is an incredibly powerful atmospheric trip where you can notice reminiscences of Killing Joke, The Cure, Joy Division in the 10 tracks. It is a delight to everyone in love with the eighties sound mixed with newer sound that will attract a wider public. WISDOM MAGAZINE
They honestly believed they were the undead, I thought it was charming” 

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