Hunter Gatherer

Stepping out from the depths of Ryedale, giving a new lease of life to the scene these three musicians are ones to watch.

At the centre of a sonic intersection between three funky brothers stands Hunter-Gatherer. Formed in early-2018, this dark horse of the Yorkshire music scene craft a sound that is nothing short of full-fat funk-rock.

Harnessing the format of the power-trio, Bron Bury, Sam Womack and Kristian Ward are taking rock music to new funky heights.

The band’s influences range from Soundgarden and The Red Hot Chilli Peppers, to Kendrick Lamar and Anderson Paak. With their latest single ‘Head Down’ prompting the co-sign of Jericho Keys of BBC Radio York and North Yorkshire, the band continues to build momentum after a string of successful singles in early-2019.

Each song has its own spirit that is let to evolve. The HUNTER-GATHERER sound is a mixture of power, funk, and catchy melodies.

Everyone brings something unique to the table, with each member equally sharing the songwriting process and bringing forward their sound to the table.

Bron’s unsparing rock beats, Sam’s ripping yet melodic riffs and Kris’ funk-rock low-end, coupled with strong vocal lines and harmonies to ice it all off. HUNTER-GATHERER bring it completely.

See you at the next gig, it’s going to get freaky!








Check out our latest music video for our single ‘Pedestal’ here:

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