Friday kicks off for the Connoisseur’s – We’re going to be guided our way through tasting the beer that Sensei has gathered in for us, sampling the fizzy delights being brought to us by The Aust-Inn and getting everyone together to discuss all the different head spaces  available to explore over the weekend. 

Bring out your children, inner or otherwise, for Saturday’s Birthday Party!!! Mister Jim invites you all to celebrate another circumnavigation of our favourite nuclear reaction as we continue on our arc around this beautiful spiral arm. Gameings and makings and dancings and playings and cake.  

Which makes Sunday a very Lazy Hazy Day – time to take time for you and yours. Stretch those hours out into blissful moments and peaceful times. If you haven’t already explored where we are, may we suggest a stroll to one of the local pubs, a peek around the Wyke waterfall or a poke around the Headland site. Who knows what you might find… 

…and the Monday is Bank Holiday Monday!!!!!! Jam session in the Marquee as we try to dry the place out. Love, light and peace xx